Childrens Parties


Satisfaction Discos supplies childrens party disco, which will include appropriate music designed around the age of the children, we have lots of music and theme tunes from popular cartoons and child programmes from sponge bob square pants to scooby doo and Ben 10 to Ballomory.


Should they have a favoutite theme tune we will do our best to aquire it, we obviously have the most up to date songs too, and know what goes down well with the children. We will also play games with the children like musical statues to the dj says (simon says). We will always try to make the games as appropriate as possible. We also have a range of wigs and hats which gets the children in the party mood.

We also have an inflatable man who is a hit at every childrens party (shown below)


Even when the children start to lose their energy the airmen keeps going and smiling.